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Our cider and perry is made using hand picked otherwise unwanted apples and pears from Huddersfield's gardens and disused orchards as well as further afield in Yorkshire.  We also get a small amount of fruit from selected orchards in Somerset and Cambridgeshire.   Our cider is traditionally pressed, then naturally fermented using wild yeasts.  It's aged over winter and early spring, then blended to make the following ciders and perries, which are just some of our range.

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Luddite - 6.3% Dry blend of dessert, culinary and dabinett cider apples, giving an acid bite to a tannic and spicy base. 

Lindley Gold - 6% - Medium Dry. Local apples blended and oak-aged. Refreshing tartness balanced with distinct appleyness and vanilla notes from the oak.

Discovery - 6% - Single variety cider, medium fresh and fruity.

Whisky Cask Cider - 6.5%, dry, aged in Bowmore (Islay) whisky casks giving a lovely smokey aroma. Silver medalist CAMRA North of England Cider Competition 2017.


Waterloo Sunset -  6.5% -  Medium dry perry made from dessert pears, with a hint of dessert apples to balance acidity.   Champion Perry of North of England 2019

Elmet - 5.5% Medium sweet. Luddite's little sister.  Local apples with a dash of Dabinett cider apples.

'Udder Side - 6.5% Medium Pider, that's half pear, half apple.  Refreshing summery drink

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