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Harvest time is nearly over!

But, we eagre for a late collection of apples for an experiment, if anyone has access to about 150 to 200kg of late apples give me a call.

Once again we'll be inviting you to drop off your unwanted apples and pears in return for cider.  It's really important that we get plenty of local fruit from within 15 miles of Huddersfield to really get that Northern terroir into our cider and perry.

To go into our cider, fruit must be:-

  • ripe

  • cleanish

  • sound with unbroken skin.

No need to worry about the odd bruise or skin blemmish as that'll be fine for cider.

The main issue is that the apple needs to be ripe.   Cut open a few samples, check the colour of the pip,  If it's brown or black then it's ready for picking.  If it's white then leave the apples a few weeks and check again.

Apples and pears will be exchanged for cider at the following rates

  • 500ml per 10kg of fruit delivered (offered immediately)

  • 500ml per 20kg picked (cider delivered later).


Our final drop off day for 2023:

Sunday 15th October 11am to 1pm

If this time/date is unsuitable drop, drop me a line!  We can sort out an appointment.


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